The Time Treasure Trophy 2020

- finally back for the holiday season!


Only available until

Jan. 6, 2020



Contains a free copy of the

Time Gems


A Magic Treasure Hunt

to Improve Your Time Management in 2020!

Use the holiday break to take a fun tour and discover how to make your work more efficient AND more relaxed!

Tackle terrific time challenges and solve puzzles to discover magic Time Treasures that will transform your work in the coming year!


Your benefits:

  • Work more efficiently: Do better work in less time!
  • Reduce stress: Get rid of time killers!
  • Achieve what is really important to you: Realize your long term strategic goals!
  • Increase your work satisfaction: Keep track of your achievements!
  • Improve your life work balance: Integrate healthy routines into your work day!

Including: The second edition of the Time Gems handbook!

The course includes your personal copy of the Time Gems Handbook, introducing you to a unique DIY time management tool:
Your companion to sustainably change your working routine!

 If you liked Paul Loomans' "Time Surfing", but had difficulty in integrating the approach into your work routine, then you will love the Time Gems tool.


Based on the same kind of reasoning, the Time Gems give a you tangible framework to help you stick to your plans

– and see the success right away!

This course will remain accessible for 2 months after purchase.
Through that period, you will be able to download the Time Treasures, and the Time Gems handbook for your permanent use.

What users say:

"The Time Treasure Trophy is a fascinating and truly enlightening journey through one's mind. Clever and imaginative images, supported by gorgeous illustrations and memorable descriptions help to understand the many, surprisingly simple ways in which we can dramatically improve our focus and productivity.

Truly a gem!"