Career Maker


 How to build your career vision and achieve it

A blended learning course

During your studies, you typically spend plenty of time learning scientific methods and facts about your field of study. There are much less systematic opportunities to learn how to translate that academic knowledge into a job, how to find and decide for a specific career pathway and how to pursue it.


This workshop introduces you to an approach that helps you to do exactly that: building your own career vision and working towards achieving it. Rather than taking the passive approach to wait for your dream job to pop up on the job market, you learn strategies that put you into the driver’s seat of your own career and help you to work actively towards that dream job. The validity of the concept’s basic principle is widely proven. In this workshop, we adapt and extend it to meet the specific demands of junior scientists.

About the course


The course follows a blended learning approach, combining

  • a one-day kickoff workshop (module 1), with an
  • online interactive self-study period (module 2), and
  • one-on-one remote learning transfer meetings (module 3, by teleconference).

 In the kickoff workshop, you will get to know a number of techniques that will help you to find your sweet spot in the multidimensional career universe – after all, in order to get somewhere, you must first know your goal! After that, we will focus on empowering methods for how to acquire your goals – from taking smart job decisions to strategically positioning yourself and, finally, to securing or creating your own next position. 


During the self-study period, you will apply the methods you learned to work out further aspects of your career goals and take your first steps towards them.


The follow-up one-on-one transfer meetings will give you the opportunity to get individual feedback and advice on your plans, any open questions, the progress that you made so far and the next steps to take.


Target Group

Advanced doctoral students and postdocs.


Organizational Issues


Duration: One full day (kickoff workshop), plus individually timed self-studies and up to 1,5 hours of one-on-one remote meetings. Total workload equivalent to 2 full days.


Group Size: 6 - 12 participants.


Methods: Impulses by the course leader, discussions, group work, practical exercises, interactive online self-study material, one-on-one remote learning transfer meetings.


Course Language: English or German.


Flexibility: Module 1 (the kickoff workshop) can also be booked as a stand-alone course. Modules 2 and 3 may be added in addition. Other modifications of the course scheme to fit your individual needs can be discussed.

What participants say:

 4 out of 5 participants said they felt more confident about their careers after the course.

"I would suggest that students start planning their careers soon!"

"You have a unique opportunity to talk to a professional with a considerable experience in academia who is open about pros and cons of academic career, so do not miss it out!"

If you are a higher education institution:

Contact me to discuss options and get an individualized offer.


If you are an individual scientist currently employed at a university:

Make use of your institutional support and ask your institution's Career Center, Graduate Program or Research Department if they would sponsor a course for you and your peers!

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact me!

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