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Create Smart Ideas and Get Attractive Public Funding



You are facing a hard research, development or innovation project and could do with some fresh impulses to tackle it.


Or you've got a brilliant idea already, but now need the resources to pursue it.

Don't worry. That’s my ball park.

With my support, people just like you have found unique, creative ideas and have acquired millions of public funding – giving them a head start in their fast moving field.

As someone who understands the ins and outs of your trade, I help you to

•    Identify appropriate funding sources for your plan.
•    Refine your proposal to maximize its chances for funding.
•    Develop a sustainable grant strategy to harmonize and sustain your project portfolio.


My special expertise is in the life sciences, esp. neuroscience and medical technology.

Profit from my long-standing experience and scientific expertise with a vast range of funding programs (DFG, BMBF, BMWi, EU, private foundations, …) - both, from the applicants's point of view as well as from the funder's and the referee's side. You will gain a true partner who is by your side as your "Funding & Innovation Angel".


For optimal efficiency of our collaboration, I prefer long-term partnerships and a tight thematic match.

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Watch my video interview (in German) on StartupRemote to learn how to finance a spinoff from a research institution with public funding.


And here is the infographic that I am talking about in the interview for you to download:

Öffentliche Fördermittel für Ausgründungen
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My specialty:

Ideation Workshops

  • Want fresh & original ideas to solve your particular research challenge?
  • Want to tackle a grant proposal that will be outstandingly original (think ERC, FET Open, SME instrument...)?
  • Got an particular organizational / management challenge in your group that you would like to solve?

Then this format is for you.


Using advanced creativity techniques and experienced facilitation, you will be able to come up with a concept that is both, scientifically outstanding and truely innovative.


Together, we will set up an individualized workshop plan that will let you (and your team) focus on the contents, while I take care of the process.


Through the process, you will arrive at your desired outcome within an comparedly short period of time (typically: 1 - 5 days) of intense, but interesting and cheerful work.


Many of the methods that I use have been tried and tested over decades (check the keywords: "Creative Problem Solving" in your literature search).


I have had the chance to enjoy in depth training from academic experts of University of Minnesota and personal practical experience with weathered senior faculitators in a number of  successful events. Some even led to full-blown grant proposals with successful funding decision within an intense 5-day event!


Don't believe that this can work for you? Then let me know and we'll discuss the options!

P.S.: Of course, like all my offers, ideation workshops can also be held completely online!


While I appreciate that in person workshops at a secluded and inspriring location can be awesome, it is till possible to work in the same way even under lockdown conditions - or with teams that, for some other reason, can not bget together physically. Don't let yourself be stopped by these external conditions! We can created a communicative, interactive and creative joint workspace through videoconferencing, interactive whiteboards and resource repositories and group rooms.

I've got all the tools that we'll need.



"Simone has been supporting our company for what feels like forever by now. With her hands-on attitude, she actually feels more like a team member than an external consultant.

As a bona fide scientist, Simone has a deep understanding of our business, our strategy and innovative ideas. Her expert, efficient and eloquent support has been instrumental in securing double digit million funding from diverse public sources. More than once, Simone has identified and successfully acquired new funding sources that we would never even have considered.

Beyond the financial success and her reliable capacity of getting things done, what I personally most like about working with Simone is that it is always enjoyable. Somehow, even the most daunting looking tasks turn out half as bad or even downright enjoyable when we tackle them together."

Funding Acquisition Client


"Dr. Cardoso has been supporting our project with outstanding competence and effectiveness. I particularly appreciate her constructive and professional moderation of heterogeneous groups. When we had to switch on short notice to online methods for an important strategy meeting, with her help and guidance this turned out as successful as an in-person meeting could have been."

Ideation Workshop Client

"Already the preparation of the in-person workshop we had originally planned was efficient and highly professional. However, what really impressed me was how, due to the COVID-19 situation, within a very short time window this event was converted to a fully virtual event. Simone prepared the workshop using a perfect mixture of online tools, found the right pacing, and managed to keep all participants motivated and active, so that in the end we were extremely productive to an extent I would never have thought possible."

Ideation Workshop Client


"I was admittedly a bit skeptical about converting a live workshop with interactive group activities into an online event. But Simone chose the perfect tools to create an interactive and entertaining, and yet absolutely concentrated atmosphere -  just as if we had met in person! We received great post-workshop documentation. It was a great experience altogether!"

Ideation Workshop Client


"Dr. Cardoso possesses the rare talent of combining analytical thinking with a high degree of empathy. Her clients will profit from this special feature in her professional consulting, as she is able to take her client's view and stimulate a thought process. Therefore, she is the ideal companion for taking big and ambitious steps, be it in terms of career issues or with a challenging scientific project. Talking to her will open new doors. Try it, I am happy to recommend her!"

Martin Wehrle, Career Consultant Trainer and Author,