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You’ve got a brilliant idea for a research, development or innovation project. If only you had the resources to work yourself through all this information and compose a really compelling proposal!

Don't worry. That’s my ball park.

With my support, people just like you have acquired millions of public funding – getting them off with a head start in their fast moving field.

As someone who understands the ins and outs of your trade, SCIEDO helps you to

•    Identify appropriate funding sources for your plan.
•    Refine your proposal to maximize its chances for funding.
•    Develop a sustainable grant strategy to harmonize and sustain your project portfolio.


My special expertise is in the life sciences, esp. neuroscience and medical technology.

Profit from my long-standing experience and scientific expertise with a vast range of funding programs (DFG, BMBF, BMWi, EU, private foundations, BA, …) - both, from the applicants's point of view as well as from the funder's and the referee's side. You will gain a true partner who is by your side as your "Funding Angel".

For optimal efficiency of our collaboration, I prefer long-term partnerships and a tight thematic match.

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