Achieve ambitious life science / medtech goals.

Boost your projects / your career.
  Make use of a wealth of personal experience in neuroscience and medtech,

and methods and tools that are scientifically proven.
And, last but not least: Be creative and have fun!

You are smart, excellently trained and ambitious scientist or engineer. You work at a research institution or a company, or you are considering founding one yourself.


And you have goals. You don’t want to waste your brain power on mediocrities. You want to do something that really matters. In a nutshell: You want to make the world a better place.


Welcome to the club. My work & career hacks help you to master the biggest obstacles on the way.

And make your ideas fly!


Find solutions for professional challenges and get the right job to achieve your personal goals.

SCIEDO Funding

Secure attractive funding for your research and/or development project.

My personal collection of tips & tricks, efficient methods, proven tools and useful resources for your work.

Your advantages:


  • I know the ins and outs of your business (science).
  • I have worked for decades in all branches of the academic world: as researcher, group leader, science manager, coordinator, author of scientific papers and grant proposals, and as reviewer.
  • Working in and with startups at various levels, I have been at the heart of the innovation process.
  • Over the course of my career, I have seen and lived all kinds of career tracks in incredibly diverse fields of work.
  • And I bring a treasure box of tools and structured methods that have a track record of unusual effectiveness and efficiency.
  • My specialty are the life sciences, especially neuroscience, medical technology and neurotechnology.
Give your ambitions the chance to come true.
Let’s start together, now.

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