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My Mission: Help people and ideas change the world.


My Motto: Unleash your brain - and make a difference!


My promise in times of Corona:

We will efficiently work together,

no matter if in person or remotely!


I've got all the necessary tools and platforms on board to make sure that

your personal coaching, interactive workshop or meeting will be as productive as if we were in the same physical location.

So, no reasons not to start right NOW!

You are:

  • a life scientist?
  • or a founding initiative, start-up or SME in the life sciences, healthcare or medtech?

You need:

  • Money for an ambitious life science or medtech project / startup / founding initiative?
  • To take a decision or need a boost in your career?
  • New ideas to tackle a hard scientific / innovation problem?

Wouldn't it be great to:

  • Have an independent expert by your side?
  • Get a smart helping hand with tough tasks that you always thought could not be delegated?
  • Make use of effective methods and tools that are scientifically proven and really work?
  • And, last but not least: Be creative and have fun?


This is the place (and person!) you were looking for.

Simone Cardoso de Oliveira


I am a neuroscientist by training, with special expertise in medical technology and neurotechnology.

In my backpack, I bring a few decades of experiences in research, science management and innovation, both in the academic as well as in the startup and SME world.

My passion is solving problems. To that end, I have gathered a personal treasure box of tools, tricks and creative methods that have a track record of exceptional efficiency.

And I know how to get stuff done.

If you really want your ambitions to fly,
let’s do this together.

Here is my portfolio.

Academic, Career


Find solutions for professional challenges and get the right job to achieve your personal goals.

Funding, Grant

SCIEDO Funding

Find and refine creative R&D ideas.

And secure attractive funding for your  projects.



My personal collection of tips & tricks, efficient methods, proven tools and useful resources for your work.

Want to get started?



"Simone has been supporting our company for what feels like forever by now. With her hands-on attitude, she actually feels more like a team member than an external consultant.

As a bona fide scientist, Simone has a deep understanding of our business, our strategy and innovative ideas. Her expert, efficient and eloquent support has been instrumental in securing double digit million funding from diverse public sources. More than once, Simone has identified and successfully acquired new funding sources that we would never even have considered.

Beyond the financial success and her reliable capacity of getting things done, what I personally most like about working with Simone is that it is always enjoyable. Somehow, even the most daunting looking tasks turn out half as bad or even downright enjoyable when we tackle them together."

Funding Acquisition Client


"Dr. Cardoso possesses the rare talent of combining analytical thinking with a high degree of empathy. Her clients will profit from this special feature in her professional consulting, as she is able to take her client's view and stimulate a thought process. Therefore, she is the ideal companion for taking big and ambitious steps, be it in terms of career issues or with a challenging scientific project. Talking to her will open new doors. Try it, I am happy to recommend her!"

Martin Wehrle, Career Consultant Trainer and Author,


"The workshop and the subsequent individual coaching provided my with very valuable insights and tools to plan my career path after my PhD. Participation in the workshop and working with you made my feelings shift from anxiety ("How do I know which career path is right for me?!") to confidence ("I now have career vision and I am looking forward to what the future will bring!")."

Career Maker Workshop Participant


"Simone's course is full of practical and dynamic activies that help to 1) reflect on one's inner drives and aspirations and 2) useful strategies to go out there and find possible career paths. I highly suggest it for people about to finish their degree and wishing to explore different career possibilities."

Career Maker Workshop Participant


"This course helped me to focus on my needs and wishes for my career. I was already aware of quite some of these, but the course forced me to explicitly name them and thereby get a clearer picture.
I also now have a better picture of the steps I need to take for a career transition from academia to industry, and am more confident that I will find a job that I will be happy with."

Career Maker Workshop Participant


"I had a very helpful workshop with Mrs. Cardoso while being a PhD student, but more importantly a very straight-forward individual follow-up afterwards. We worked very well together and I still benefit from her direct input while applying for jobs after my PhD."

Workshop Participant (PhD, Molecural Medicine)


"Dr. Cardoso has been supporting our project with outstanding competence and effectiveness. I particularly appreciate her constructive and professional moderation of heterogeneous groups. When we had to switch on short notice to online methods for an important strategy meeting, with her help and guidance this turned out as successful as an in-person meeting could have been."

Ideation Workshop Client

"Already the preparation of the in-person workshop we had originally planned was efficient and highly professional. However, what really impressed me was how, due to the COVID-19 situation, within a very short time window this event was converted to a fully virtual event. Simone prepared the workshop using a perfect mixture of online tools, found the right pacing, and managed to keep all participants motivated and active, so that in the end we were extremely productive to an extent I would never have thought possible."

Ideation Workshop Client


"I was admittedly a bit skeptical about converting a live workshop with interactive group activities into an online event. But Simone chose the perfect tools to create an interactive and entertaining, and yet absolutely concentrated atmosphere -  just as if we had met in person! We received great post-workshop documentation. It was a great experience altogether!"

Ideation Workshop Client

"What I particularly like about Mrs. Cardoso is her great analytical competence and her bright mind, paired with high ambition and quality orientation."

Career Coaching Client







"The many years of experience that Mrs. Cardoso has in the university sector has helped me a lot during a job application process. Her consulting service has very nicely paid off - thanks a lot!"

Career Consulting Client (Biologist)


"Simone Cardoso's talk "Why writing job applications is outdated" was really a big help for my continued search for the right job. How good that someone like her deals with this topic on such a professional level! I think that all graduates should be taught about these issues. That would spare many people a good deal of frustration and confusion."

Talk Participant (Medical Doctor)


"I found Mrs. Cardoso absultely focused, result-oriented and extremely competent. In addition to her convincing methodology, the coaching success was also largely due to the fact that I felt very comfartable during the process. Which was due to Mrs. Cardoso's natural, friendly and positively enagaging attitude. Very inspiring, many thanks!"

Career Coaching Client (Linguist)


"Being coached by Mrs. Cardoso works like a power drink of the type "Stand up for yourself". Ingredients: Clarity, a lot of background knowledge and self-strengthening."

Career Coaching Client (Consultant)

"Coaching made me a confident and positive person. I am able to understand that the power to control my life lies within me through coaching sessions. I am thankful to Dr. Cardoso for such a positive transformation in me."

Career Coaching Client (Chemist)

"I especially appreciate Mrs. Cardoso's critical mind and her talent to boil things down to the essentials."

Career Coaching Client (Consultant)

"With Mrs. Cardoso's help, I could use modern methods to define my profile of qualifications and find out which professional fields could be optimally suited for myself.


I found working with Mrs. Cardoso extremely pleasant, encouraging and inspiring. I especially liked her wide field of competences and her positive nature. When I felt unsafe or insecure, she helped me to clearly voice my thoughts. Her professional methodology and personal intuition where of great help to focus.


What I found especially noteworthy was the abundance of her ideas, with which she helped me to find ways to achieve my career goals."

Career Coaching Client (Physicist and neuroscientist)


(partly translated from German)

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