Acquiring Public Funding for R&D

Ideation Workshop

Need fresh & original ideas to solve your research questions?

Want to tackle a grant proposal that will be outstandingly original (think ERC and the like)?

Got an particular organizational / management challenge in your group that you would like to solve?

Then this format is for you.


Tried-and tested creativity techniques and experienced facilitation.


Individualized workshop plan tailored to your goal.


Variable duration (several hours to days).


Particularly suitable for retreats, but also possible in remote settings.

I was trained by academic experts of the University of Minnesota and applied the techniques in cooperation with other senior facilitators in very successful events  for reknowned funding organizations (FFG, Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft) and high-ranking academic organizations (EMBL, Bernstein Center Freiburg). One of them led to full-blown grant proposals with a recommendation for funding - within  5 days!