I want to see you thrive.


It is amazing what you can do with a solid scientific or engineering training – both inside and beyond academia.

And the world of today more than ever needs ambitious people that dare to tackle mankind's challenges.


My share in this process is to help you find the sweet spot in the career universe that allows you to really thrive - for the benefit of the world AND yourself and your loved ones.

Simone Cardoso de Oliveira


Why work with me?


For several decades, I have had the pleasure to support adademics in making their dreams come true - be it in academic research or applied functions in managment or industry. 


In my specialization in career counseling, I have accumulated  broad range of concepts, methods, tools and resources to make that process more efficient.

 Why coaching?


Without doubt, you are smart and have learned how to solve problems.


But sometimes we are just so much engaged in our own world that we develop a kind of tunnel view.


Getting impulses from an independent person helps you to take a different perspective and see things in a fresh light.


That's what a coach can do for you.

Try for yourself and see what happens!

Changing Perspectives

What are the kinds of questions that we can tackle together?

  • You want to develop a vision for a career that really suits you.
  • You want to strategically plan your career and explore your options.
  • You stand at a career crossroads and are not sure which path to follow.
  • You are facing a career challenge that you are unsure how to tackle.
  • You feel like your work-life balance is not right.

Have someone else in mind who could profit from a coaching?


Make your friend or family a gift that will have a real impact.


Get them my new individual career coaching package!


In a systematic, step-by-step procedure, we will define their problem, analyze it, find solutions and an actionable plan, and make it happen.


Completely remote, but nevertheless equally efficient, personal and enjoyable!