Your success is what drives and rewards me.

I am proud to look back on a wealth of many successful projects, interactions and events. 


With my funding support, my clients have successfully acquired double-digit millions of Euros for their projects.


In the career sector, over a hundred of young and advanced academics have profited from new insights and made successful career moves with my coaching (see the testimonials below).


So I am more than confident that, also in your case, working together will unfold astonishingly beneficial effects.


Therefore, here is my promise to you:


In the event that you should not see any profit from my work, I am happy to offer a refund of your personal investment.






I work with the Business Consultancy Firm Mayer & Partner on selected projects with company clients, in particular, medtech startups.


Franziska Wiebel is a constant source of inspiration and exchange about everything related to coaching topics and methods.


For everything related to graphic design, including sharpening of corporate identity and visual communication, I love to work with Anna Werr Identity & Design (she also did my logo).


What my clients say...

(partly translated from German)

"Simone Cardoso's talk "Why writing job applications is outdated" was really a big help for my continued search for the right job. How good that someone like her deals with this topic on such a professional level! I think that all graduates should be taught about these issues. That would spare many people a good deal of frustration and confusion."

Medical Doctor


"The coaching effect has surprised me: Although we had a relatively short session, in the end, I came out with a set of sound suggestions for my next career steps and a lot of valuable inspiration. And that although I had been convinced that I had already thoroughly thought my career through!


I found Mrs. Cardoso absultely focused, result-oriented and extremely competent. In addition to her convincing methodology, the coaching success was also largely due to the fact that I felt very comfartable during the process. Which was due to Mrs. Cardoso's natural, friendly and positively enagaging attitude. Very inspiring, many thanks!"



"I had a very helpful workshop with Mrs. Cardoso while being a PhD student, but more importantly a very straight-forward individual follow-up afterwards. We worked very well together and I still benefit from her direct input while applying for jobs after my PhD."

PhD, Molecural Medicine


"Being coached by Mrs. Cardoso works like a power drink of the type "Stand up for yourself". Ingredients: Clarity, a lot of background knowledge and self-strengthening."


"Coaching made me a confident and positive person. I am able to understand that the power to control my life lies within me through coaching sessions. I am thankful to Dr. Cardoso for such a positive transformation in me."


"What I particularly like about Mrs. Cardoso is her great analytical competence and her bright mind, paired with high ambition and quality orientation."


"At the time when my second postdoc was coming to an end, I started considering a move to the private sector. Around the same time, a colleague of mine recommended Simone Cardoso’s career consulting services.


I hired her in the hope that she would help me navigate the unknown world of job applications. She gave me so much more! By providing an in-depth insight into the hiring practices of private companies, she boosted my morale and made me confident of finding a position out of academia. Over the next months, she tirelessly worked with me to identify suitable career sectors that would suit both my training and fulfill my interests. Once those sectors were identified, she prepared me for intensive networking, a key component of a successful job search. My academic career picked up at that point and I decided to commit to it. Nonetheless, I frequently use the techniques I learned with Simone Cardoso at my work. My largest gain is feeling relaxed about my chances of finding a private sector career if I again decide to look for one. Therefore, I find the skills and understanding earned with Simone Cardoso’s consulting service invaluable."


"The many years of experience that Mrs. Cardoso has in the university sector has helped me a lot during a job application process. Her consulting service has very nicely paid off - thanks a lot!"


"I especially appreciate Mrs. Cardoso's critical mind and her talent to boil things down to the essentials."


"With Mrs. Cardoso's help, I could use modern methods to define my profile of qualifications and find out which professional fields could be optimally suited for myself.


I found working with Mrs. Cardoso extremely pleasant, encouraging and inspiring. I especially liked her wide field of competences and her positive nature. When I felt unsafe or insecure, she helped me to clearly voice my thoughts. Her professional methodology and personal intuition where of great help to focus.


What I found especially noteworthy was the abundance of her ideas, with which she helped me to find ways to achieve my career goals."

Physicist and neuroscientist