Designed to make you accomplish your goals.

While I’d love to work with each one of you in person, there is only so many places I can be at within a given time. Luckily, quite a few of the tools, materials and methods can be transferred into digital format. So you can profit from them even if I cannot make it to be with you.


That’s why I decided to create SCIEDO® Tools: A collection of methods and practical approaches („tools“) that I found useful for facilitating your life as a scientist - inside or outside of academia.


Don't waste your time trying to solve every problem from scratch.

You’ve got enough on your plate.


Instead, make use of efficient and brain-friendly methods that have proven to be efficient for solving typical issues scientists struggle with. If you want to overcome obstacles at work, develop your career, improve your general work-life satisfaction, or secure funding for your next project - SCIEDO® Tools can help you to get the job done. No bullshit, no lengthy verbiage. We get to the point right away. To save your time and energy for the things that really matter.

Ready to get your tool and give your work a boost?


Here is the current collection (and there's more to come!)

My free toolbox with great tools for

work and career and funding.

And the best of it: It is completely free!

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A DIY tool that revolutionizes your Time Management.


The first ever Time Management tool

that is fun to use

and does not impose additional work!

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What clients say:

 "I frequently use the tools that

I learned with Simone Cardoso

at work."

"I find the methods I learned

with Simone Cardoso


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