Am I a Founder?


 Optional extension:

What is my role in the founding team?


The vision of many academics is to found their own company. Finally, being your own boss, setting up the coolest "next big thing" on the planet!


But many also know this nagging question: Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?


Everybody knows the myths of successful entrepreneur personalities. But do you really have to be a second Elon Musk or Steve Jobs in order to found a successful business? What does it really take to set up a company that will survive? What do I have to be prepared for in the founding process?

These are the questions that we will tackle in this workshop. Unpredicted insights and experiences included.


Your business idea is the one thing that you will have to come up with yourself, though.

Extension: What is my role in the founding team?


The success of any new company crucially depends not only on the business idea and concept, but also on establishing the right team, with every member working in their optimal positions.


This extension allows potential founders to find out about the different roles they will need in their company, and which of these roles fits their individual personalities and goals.


Target Group:

  • Individuals that think about founding a startup or other company.
  • Universities, Incubators, Innovation or Transfer Centers.


Organizational issues:


Duration: Each of the modules takes about 3-4 hours. Both modules together amount to a full day.


Group Size: 6 - 16 participants.


Methods: Impulses by the course leader, discussions, group work, practical exercises and challenges.


Course Language: English or German.


Flexibility: Module 1 ("Am I a founder?") and module 2 ("What is my role in a founding team?") can be separately. Other modifications or extensions of the course to fit your individual needs can be discussed.

If you are a higher education institution, incubator, or innovation or transfer center:

Contact me to discuss options and get an individualized offer.


If you are an individual scientist currently employed at a university:

Make use of your institutional support and ask your institution's Career Center, Transfer Center or the like if they would sponsor a course for you and your peers!

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact me!

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