Creative Solutions Kitchen

Coming up with truely novel and innovative ideas and solutions

Have you always thought that creativity is a special gift that you are either born with or will lack forever? That's a belief that you can safely dump. Everyone can be creative! And, very conveniently, there is a wealth of proven tricks and methods that can tickle that creativity out of your brain.


The Creative Solutions Kitchen is my offer to support you in  discovering that exciting realm of creativity and apply it for your needs. No matter if you have a specific problem that you would like to address or whether your question is still rather fuzzy. The Creatice Solutions Kitchen can be specifically tailored to your needs. Together, we will make sure to come up with a delicious solution.


All you need is a problem that fulfils the following criterea:

- You should be interested in finding a solution.

- It must be so hard that it requires some level of imagination or innovation.

- You should have some control over that problem.


Interested? Then contact me right away!

Target Group:

  • Researchers who want to come up with a truely novel project idea (e.g., for a grant proposal like ERC).
  • Innovators that struggle with a specific technical problem.
  • Organizations that want to address a specific challenge.
  • Academics that want to solve a hard career problem.
  • Training programs that want to add Creative Problem Solving to their soft skill training menu. 

 Organizational issues:


Duration: Anything between one and five days.


Group Size: 6 - 25 participants


Methods: Impulses by the trainer, verbal countering methods, physical self-defense, practical exercises.


Course Language: German and/or English.


Location: This course can be organized at institution or at a different location of your choice. For courses of several days, locations in inspiring surroundings are highly encouraged.

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