Harassment at the workplace, sexualisierte Belästigung am Arbeitsplatz

Not with me!

Protecting yourself against sexualized harassment at the workplace

The #metoo movement has stated the obvious: Sexualized harassment abounds, not just in private life, but also at the workplace. The spectrum ranges from verbal overstepping to plain violence. Unfortunately, the phenomenon does not stop at the doors of academic institutions, either. This course is aimed at academics who want to be more confident in dealing with such attacks.


You will acquire a set of options for responding to various types of inappropriate behavior and bringing the harasser back in line. The measures that we apply address the whole range of aggression - from verbal countering and clear communication of boundaries to efficient physical resistance.


We apply those methods in real world situations derived from the participants’ experience spectrum. Practicing your reactions will make sure that you can retrieve them quickly and effectively in an emergency situation. By building mental clarity and a determination for action, we protect our own dignity. And aggressors don’t stand another chance.


Please note that this course NOT explicitly addresses problems that reach the level of mobbing at the workplace.

Target Group:

  • Academics who want to increase their confidence in dealing with harassments.
  • Purely female groups are particularly welcome, but gender-mixed groups are also possible.
  • Employers, e.g. Universities, companies, Institutions.
  • Gender Equality and Career Centers.
  • Employee Committees.


In addition to myself as trainer and coach, Marion Löwer can join in as professional Krav Maga instructor with her own health and fitness studio.


Organizational issues:


Duration: 4-6 hours


Group Size: 6 - 16 participants (depending on location)


Methods: Impulses by the trainers, verbal countering methods, physical self-defense, practical exercises.


Course Language: German and/or English.


Location: This course can take place at Marion Löwer's studio in Wermelskirchen (NRW, Germany).

Alternatively, we can organize a special course for your group at your location.


Interested in a special course at your location?


If you are a higher education institution, career or gender equality center or a company:

Contact me to discuss options and get an individualized offer.


If you are an individual scientist currently employed at a university or a company:

Make use of your institutional support and ask your organization's Career or Gender Equality Center if they would sponsor a course for you and your peers!

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact me.

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