SCIEDO® Career



You are an educational institution and would like to offer new career perspectives to your graduates?


Or you are a company and would like to give your employees an opportunity to reflect upon career questions?


Here are a few topics that I passionately speak about. 

For further topics, let's discuss the options!

Job Applications - seriously overrated!

Why classical applications are not the most promising way towards a job, and what you can do instead.

The whY of Your Career

What is the currency in which we are paid in your job - and what does really count for us?

How can this knowledge help us to make better job decisions?

Am I a Founder?

You would like to know what really makes a successful entrepreneur, and if you are cut out for it?

Well, then this talk is for you...

The Fascinating World of Job Options for Neuroscientists

You are a neuroscientists and have no idea what to do with that training apart from research?

You'd be amazed how many options there are!

Creating Values with Values

How truely living your company culture can actually create real tangible values.