SCIEDO® Time Gems


The first time management method that does not create additional work, but fun!

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Your brain is your most powerful tool.

It's performance is key to what you want to achieve professionally.

But your typical working day does not bring out the best in you.

There’s just always much too much to do. Lots of nagging small tasks keep you busy and prevent you from really getting into the flow.

In the end of the day, you are exhausted while still feeling that you didn’t really accomplish anything.

Sounds familiar? Well, here is a tool that will help you change that.

Time Gems is a method that will help you to improve your work efficiency and satisfaction by

  • doing the right things at the right time,
  • working with instead of against your brain,
  • tapping into your conscious and subconscious resources.

Learn the Time Gem principles and make yourself a beautiful little tool that will remind you throughout the day to stay on track with your work.


Here are two examples of what your own Time Gem tool may look like:


If you decide to adopt this new style of work, chances are that you will

  • do better work in less time,
  • increase your work satisfaction,
  • and, at the same time, improve your life work balance.

Don’t let yourself be driven by all the buzz that prevents you from accomplishing anything meaningful.


Treat your time the way it deserves it – and achieve what’s really important.


Check out the preview below to




 What you get:

  • 49 pages of condensed content.
  • 8 principles to guide you through your day.
  • A step-by-step how-to to make your own, personalized time tool.
  • Useful ancillary measures and tips.
  • Suggestions for further reading.

 If you liked Paul Loomans' "Time Surfing",

but had difficulty in integrating the approach into your work routine,

then you will love the Time Gems tool.


Based on the same kind of reasoning, the Time Gems give a you tangible framework

to help you stick to your plans – and see the success right away!

What readers say:

"Clever and imaginative, Time Gems helps to understand the many, surprisingly simple ways in which we can dramatically improve our focus and productivity. Truly a gem!"