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"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

(Orson Welles)

Scientists' careers are my passion.


It is just amazing what you can do with a solid scientific training – both, inside and beyond academia.

And the world of today more than ever is in need for ambitious scientists that dare to tackle mankind's challenges.

My share in this process is to help you succeed in that task.



How exactly can you profit from my work?


Over several decades, I have been working with other scientists in training, research, development, management and reviewing. And I have gone all the way along the translation chain - from theoretical fundamental research through applied science up to commercial exploitation.


Here are a few examples for career challenges that we could solve together:

  • In times of uncertain academic perspectives, you want to strategically plan your career, explore your options, and find the optimal career path that will fulfill you.
  • You are at a critical point in your career, need to make a crucial decision or find a new job.
  • You have to master challenges for which your previous training has not prepared you.
  • You feel like your work-life balance is not right.

My tried-and-tested methods and tools as a scientist, career counselor and coach will allow you to become your best possible self.

Here are my offers for you.


Side note: Extrapyramidal Career Pathways


As a side project, I set up a repository of possible career pathways for neuroscientists some time ago. I thought that might come in handy for many of my clients as it is illustrating real careers that real people pursued.


Guess why I chose the site name extrapyramidal-pathways for that?

Right. If you are any familiar with thr nervous system, that will ring a bell. Briefly, the major motor pathway in the brain for initiating voluntary actions is called the "pyramidal pathway". Everyone knows about that one. But, actually, it makes up only a tiny fraction of all the different additional motor pathways that exist in the brain. So you see the analogy: Translated to science, the academic pathway towards a professorship is sort of the major track that everyone has in mind. But when it comes to reality, there is an overwhelming wealth of other pathways that also lead to great, fulfilling, successful and inspiring work.


I already started to populate the site with profiles of a number of people from my own personal network.

Maybe you'll find a real interesting option there that you haven't though about, yet. Have a look!


Other than that:

If you have an interesting job that you would like to share with others, your contribution would be more than welcome!

Just go the website and fill in the questionnaire. Thank you so much!


Looking for anything else?

Contact me for a tailor-made offer to accomodate for your specific needs!