The whY of your Career


"Performance = Abilities * Motivation"



In our approach to career planning, we tend to focus on our professional knowledge and skills – our abilities. However, what we manage to achieve and how satisfied we are in our professional lives depends just as much on our personal  motivation - or, as Simon Sinek puts it: our WHYs.


This course offers an opportunity to reflect on the structure of your personal motivation factors, your intrinsic goals and your individual needs.


You will then learn how to use your WHYs to make better and more sustainable job decisions and bring your professional lives in alignment with them, building a sustainable basis for a fulfilled and successful professional life.


Target Group:


Individuals that would like to reflect their personal and professional values and align their professional lives with them.


Organizational issues:


Duration: One full day.


Group Size: 6 - 12 participants.


Methods: Impulses by the course leader, discussions, group work, practical exercises and challenges.


Course Language: English or German.


Flexibility: Modifications or extensions of the course to fit your individual needs can be discussed.


If you are a higher education institution or company:

Contact me to discuss options and get an individualized offer.


If you are an individual scientist currently employed at a university:

Make use of your institutional support and ask your institution's Career Center, Gradutate Center or Research Department if they would sponsor a course for you and your peers!

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