About me

I always tell my clients: 

Do what you cannot NOT do.

The thing that I cannot stop myself from doing is solving other people's problems...

I graduated in Biology and hold a PhD in neuroscience. My special fields were the visual and motor systems and neurotechnological applications like BMI. 


For several decades, I worked as a researcher, group leader and science manager at research institutions in Germany and abroad. Fostering the next scientific generation has always been important to me. I have conceptualized and coordinated a number of study programs at the doctoral and postdoctoral level. Over the years, I published quite a bit (besides in neuroscience also concerning philosophical topics) and held nurmerous international talks on scientific and other topics. I also serve as scientific referee.


In a neurotech startup, I have gathered experience with a broad range of functions in an enterprise - from scientific and product management through sales and business development up until marketing and communication.


In parallel to my employment, I gathered training and experience in consulting, coaching, and facilitation, and built up my own business as self-employed consultant with the SCIEDO® brand. For a number years, I have now been full-time self-employed - and I'm loving it!


In my spare time, I keep myself busy with learning Japanese, all kinds of craft (the results of which sometimes end up as a tools for my work), or decorating and refurbishing houses when I am not out in my garden. And I am still looking for my next samba band...


More details on my professional CV and my publications can be found on LinkedIn, ResearchGate and AcademiaNet.

Why work with me?

Scientific Experience

  • Diploma in biology
  • Dr. rer. nat. in neuroscience
  • Several postdocs in Germany and in Israel
  • Independent Emmy Noether research group leader
  • International scientific publications in neuroscience and philosophy
  • Scientific referee, e.g. for the BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research, Germany)
  • Coordinator of several academic postgraduate training programs

Additional Skillset

  • Career Consultant & Coach (Martin Wehrle's Karriereberaterakademie)
  • Life Work Planning
  • Creative Problem Solving (University of Minnesota, Coursera Course)
  • Effective Grant Writing
  • Writing for the public (e.g., see my career column)
  • Exceptional organizational & time management skills (see, e.g., my TIME GEMS tool...)
  • Seld Defense (verbal & physical)

Sustainable Approach

  • Focus on long-term strategies rather than small short-term successes.
  • Grasp of each client's long-term vision.

Personal Engagement

  • Longterm confidential partnerships on eye level.
  • Intensive personal work with every client.
  • Strictly limited number of client slots.

Clear Communication

  • As a fan of the Israeli comunication culture, I don't beat around the bush. And I expect the same from my clients.
  • Values like trust, fairness, justice, appreciation and truthfulness are indespendable to me and my clients.
  • 100 % confidentiality guaranteed.

Sense of Humour

  • You can't be successful without appropriate dopamine levels. So be ready to include fun in the process.
  • Laughing about yourself can open up many hidden doors. Be prepared for a little bit of irony and provocation.


And last but not least, especially in times of corona:


All my services can be accessed completely online!


Don't believe this can be efficient? Challenge me and let me show you...



My repertoire of methods and tools comes from a number of  backgrounds that generally have a scientific basis and empirical proof:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Positive Psychology
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Systems Theory and Constructivist Philosophy
  • Life Work Planning
  • Design Thinking
  • Entrepreneurial Bricolage
  • Hands-On work with images, objects, games and situations
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Provocative Coaching